Monday, October 06, 2008

Alcohol Rhymes

My youngest sister's away message Saturday night was,

"Red, red wine you make me feel so fine, you keep me rockin' all of the time"

So my mom, being the hip, techno expert that she is, wanted to IM her back the next line but didn't know what it was. She has my dad get on itunes and download the song but she was too impatient to get to the "rap" part so she's all, "This is NOT the song I'm thinking about!" She's totally disappointed that she's missing out on this opportunity to be comical but (finally) thinks of something to IM Katie and? My sister's offline.

She didn't want her lyrical prowess to go to waste so she TEXTS my sister (while she's at a party), "I see your red, red wine and I raise you, "Lite, lite beer you make me full of cheer, you keep me rockin' all of the year."

I think my family may be worse than the Kindergarteners. :)



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