Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Weekend Continued

You know what I did Saturday night and I came home to the girl that I live with throwing a major party. Her mom goes out of town every Saturday night to visit her boyfriend which is where I come in. The daughter doesn't want to sleep at home alone (she's too nervous) but she is not required to check in with me or let me know about her plans. It's kind of crazy, I know. So, I never know if she's out, where she is, or what time she'll be coming home. I only know that I have to be there by midnight every Saturday night. Fine.

I wake up early Sunday morning to meet my parents 1/2 way between home and CT so switch the cars. I walk downstairs to take the dog for a walk and find the kitchen in shambles. There were dinner dished from the night before, cup rings on the counter and paper towels/bags everywhere. I wasn't sure if I would make it back before the woman that I live with and I didn't know if the girl would pick up after herself so I picked up the entire kitchen before I headed north to meet my parents.

I met my parents, we had breakfast in lovely Northampton, MA and I headed back to Stamford to return the rental car. When I walked the keys in I was told that the other person's insurance company cancelled the car a week ago and I owed $270. Riiiiiiiight. I explained that I had *no* idea about that and was simply returning the car for someone else so, and actually don't even have $270 to pay for it at the moment. After a whole bunch of clicking over the keyboard the gentleman working said that he would leave a note for his manager for the morning. Thank God.

So... I call my friend who had graciously kept my car all weekend while I was doing all of this crap and asked her to pick me up at the rental place. She pulls up, and? My car has a flat tire. Really. I have no idea why it happened but we barely made it to a gas station to put air in it. I dropped her off at home and thought about my plan of action...



Blogger Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I don't envy you- I've been there. I was "sitting" for a teenager- the daughter of a rather important woman - many years ago. I was just out of college so I was young. I was sick as a dog and just praying to stay awake long enough to drive her and her friends to and from their school dance. While they were getting ready in their room, I was sweet and brought them a tray of chips/dip/soda and napkins. After I dropped them off, I went into the room to clean up the food stuff, knowing that they would never pick up after themselves. I walk in and the first thing I see on the dresser is a half full bottle of tequilla w a damn worm in it! I didn't know what to do. FInally after calling some friends I decided to dump the bottle out, bring the girl to the side to discuss it with her as to not embarrass her and ask her to call her mom. Oh she flew off the handle! I bet to this day she hates me. I tried to reason with her that if the confession came from her rather than me, her mother would take it much better. But she refused to tell her mom. So after two days, I finally made the call. It sucked but I knew I would want to be told if it was my 14 year old kid.

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