Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Corey Smith and the Highline Ballroom

Sunday morning I hopped on the train and headed into New York City for the day. I've been to the city a few times since moving here, but I hadn't ever done it during the holidays and I was excited to see all of the "stuff". After a day of touring around Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Park my friend and I headed down to Chelsea to the Highline Ballroom. Corey Smith was playing and we had tickets.

If you've never been to the Highline to see a show- - go. It was one of the best venues I've ever been to. The seating is first come, first served but you are seated at a table and they have a full drink/dinner menu so you can eat while you watch! (I had the sauteed snow peas and they were fantastic). If you've never heard of Corey Smith you've got to listen to him. He's not too popular in the North yet but down south he's a familiar name. It's not too country though, so don't let that stop you. I really enjoyed the show and know you guys will too! Check him out!



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