Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Giving Thanks

It was so nice to be able to head home for a few days. I forget how much I miss it when I'm not there, it made it really difficult to come back to CT on Sunday. Not to mention that we were dealing with my cousin's death.

I can't imagine losing one of my siblings. Ever. I can't imagine my parents losing a child. I'm sure that eventually you pick up all of the pieces and you start to heal but I am not envious of what my aunt, uncle and cousins are going through right now. He lived in Florida so the process took a little longer than normal and I can't imagine that either. Not being able to see him immediately, waiting for him to arrive via plane...

It was a tough weekend for our family. He is the eldest cousin/nephew on my Dad's side of the family and the only boy cousin who would have carried on our family name. It's such a shame.

It made our Thanksgiving weekend that much more precious though. We took the time to enjoy each other and really appreciate everything we have. My sisters and I stayed pretty close to home and spent much of the weekend decorating the house for Christmas, and baking Christmas cookies and peanut butter balls. Who am I kidding? My ONE sister did the baking, the others and I just hung out with her and drank wine. It was still enjoyable though and being away from home makes me appreciate my family *so* much.

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