Friday, December 05, 2008

The Internet is Making me Crazy

Hellooo all. I keep remembering all of these stories I want to share but I remember them when I am home. And can't access blogger. ( I think it has something to do with safari or something...?). This is really starting to annoy because I sit down each morning and can't remember anything that I was thinking about the night before. Oh well.

I have a final exam in my first graduate course Monday night. Once I finish that I will have (successfully) completed my first semester of grad school. Go Me. Of course, I still have 33 credits and $23,000 to go, but hey, who's counting? Next semester is going to KICK my @$$. I am taking a 1-credit winter course from Jan 4-19 during the "break". Then I am taking 3 graduate courses and two undergraduate online courses that I need to complete my graduate courses. In case math is not your thing- - that's 5 courses. Ugh. At least I can plan right now not to have a life, at all from January to May. I think I can handle it. Of course, I've also volunteered to have regular jazz classes at the center near me. That might be too much, but, I've GOT to get back into teaching. I REALLY miss it.

And to top off my kind of bad week, my sisters and I have been emailing about our Christmas plans/presents and two nights ago we get an email from sister #2 with all of her dates/plans....she writes, "And, just so you know, J [her boyfriend] and I are heading to Puerto Rico for 8 days, so I won't be around then!"

Ack. I don't even have a POOR guy who's interested, let alone a boyfriend who's taking me to Puerto Rico for Christmas. :)



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