Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I'm taking a two week, 1 credit course to keep this whole grad school thing going so I knew getting to the gym or jazzercise after work/school the next couple of weeks was going to be difficult. To counter that, I set my alarm for the nice and early time of 4:45am yesterday and today to get a workout in before the day started. I usually do not have any trouble at all getting up and out of bed but? The past two mornings? I have hit snooze until the. last. possible. second.

That's right. Not only have a NOT worked out, I haven't even showered before work. I think I'm losing it.

To be fair... I caught a major cold/sickness two days before I came back to CT that I've been violently fighting off since. I think my body must need the recovery time. I was asleep last night before 8:40pm and slept until 6 this morning.

For now? The gym can wait but as soon as I'm feeling better... well? The gym better watch out.



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