Monday, January 12, 2009

A Major (minor) Meltdown

Returning to CT after the holiday break made me homesick. Really homesick. I don't remember I time I felt more lonely than the weekend before school started again. It was a hard adjustment, to go from being home with my family 24/7 back to CT where I am very much on my own outside of the working day.

When I wake up there isn't anyone there to talk to or even see. The family that I live with does not wake up early so I don't see them (which is FINE with me) before I leave for work and when it's not your OWN family or your own friends you're with somehow it just doesn't have the same effect.

I knew that we would have Monday, January 19th off from school in observation of MLK Jr. Day but on our school calendar it said that Tuesday was a faculty in-service day. I assumed that we would be at school that day. It turns out that "faculty in-service day" is code for freebie day off. So? Now I have a four day weekend I didn't know about. This is wonderful and I thought that I would head home for a the long weekend but (you knew there was a "but" coming, right?!?) when I talked it over with the woman that I live with she was LESS than flexible about me leaving for the weekend. In fact, she flat out said no.

I called home totally upset but after talking with my mom I resigned myself to the fact that I would stay down here and get as many babysitting jobs as I could for that weekend and make it as lucrative as possible. Then... dun dun DUN DUN, my sisters came to the rescue. Instead of me going home for the weekend, they are coming to see me! So, Saturday morning I'm picking two of them up at the airport and we're meeting up with the third at her squash matches over the weekend. It will be WONDERFUL.

I hate that my living situation dictates so much of my life but unfortunately I can't afford to pay rent in this area and this is how I'm making it work while paying for grad school. I don't like it, but you never know... maybe something better will work out soon.

Has anyone seen Bride Wars yet? I saw it with a friend yesterday- - so funny!



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