Monday, March 23, 2009


I weighed in today and gained 1.4lbs. This is getting ridiculous. I'm following the plan and have only lost 7.5lbs to date. I'm getting REALLY mad.

Heading home first thing tomorrow morning for a few days of relaxation in VT. Being here and on vacation isn't quite relaxing with all of the laundry and dishes and dog walking that is to be had. I can't wait to be home again.



Blogger alanna said...

don't forget that water or drinking a soda right before weigh ins can add a solid 12-16 oz! and you could always try integrating exercise into your diet routine - it can help 'move things through your system' if you get my drift :)
have a great weekend! another sub that's great is unsweetened almond breeze for milk - it's only 40 calories for 8 oz and since it's vanilla flavored it is AMAZING in cereal and probably really good in coffee (but I don't drink coffee so I haven't tried it).

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