Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Updates

The guy I went out with last week called and asked if I would like to go out again this weekend. I wasn’t going to say yes, but kind of decided… why the hell not? He’s polite, funny-ish, and calls when he says he will. At this point in my life I don’t really have any other standards.

He tells me that he wants to meet for a drink downtown then head to this (ridiculously awesome) pizza place. I said that sounded great but then called my friend to lament about the fact that pizza? Doesn’t really fit into my whole diet plan. She on the other hand, can’t even get PASSED the idea that he wants to go out for PIZZA. ON A SECOND DATE. THE HORROR. To appropriately empathize with my dilemma. I think my plan will be to act like I’m having the BESTTIMEEVER at the bar so we’ll stay there for dinner instead of leaving for the pizza place. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it. Of course, last time we went out my plan was to have TWO glasses of wine and we all know how THAT turned out.

So, this friend that I talk about all of the time? Well, I drunkenly confessed to her at the bar one night that I? Have a blog. Since then she’s been HOOKED. She also, using the stalker-machine that is facebook, realized that another one of our co-workers has a blog and now we both stalk that too. (Although, I have to be very careful because that OTHER blog sort of runs in the same blog circles as MY blog and I don’t want my co-workers finding out about my blog and realizing how funny I am and then have them wanting to be friends with me. That would be too stressful.)

She’s asked me to help her create her OWN blog and I need to figure out a name for it. She might have some suggestions herself. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t ask her. I thought it would be more fun to put it to the blogging GENIUSES. Here is what you need to know about her: She’s blonde, fabulous, stylish, hilarious, originally from MA, has a serious bf, loves rap music, is a total prep (but secretly thinks she’s a thug), loves to get down, likes dogs, and loves to read (for real and celebrity gossip). I know, she sounds perfect. Like she could be your best friend. She probably could, but she’s mine, so don’t get any ideas.

Let the brainstorming…BEGIN! Blogger with the winning suggestion will receive a FABULOUS, STYLISH, AWESOME treat from the both of us. Not that you needed any extra motivation.

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Blogger CBM said...

Hmmmm... I love stuff like this. I'll have to be thinking of a good name! I laughed when I read your description, because I thought she sounds a lot like me. (Except, I'm married, and minus the rap/thug part. LOL).

10:42 AM  

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