Friday, May 15, 2009

Concert in the City

Wednesday afternoon all three of my sisters flew into NYC as we had gotten tickets to see Kate Voegele in concert a while ago. I trained it into the city right after school on Wednesday and met up with them at Sister #2's apartment for happy hour then we headed to the concert. It was *way* more popular than I thought it was going to be but it was, in a word, FUN. We grabbed a table, ordered up some drinks and got the night started!

Yesterday all three of them trained it out to suburbia to meet me at school for lunch. It was so much fun, my kids love meeting my sisters and always have a million questions about all of us. Kids are so inquisitive and naturally comical.

Tonight all four of us plus Sister #2's boyfriend are getting in the car and driving up to my (and my sister's boyfriend's and her soon-to-be) alma mater for graduation weekend. I haven't been back in two years and I CANNOT wait. The five of us, together, for a weekend in upstate NY... WOOHOO!

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