Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wednesday High Mileage

I got home yesterday, got the laundry going and set up to get down with Jillian. It was awesome and I burned 150 calories for 20 minutes. Not bad. I finished with her right about the time the clothes were ready for the washer so I switched everything over to the dryer and set out for my run. I tried to mentally pep myself up for it all day so I started out great. I actually felt like the whole run was awesome. I did get a little tired around miles 5/6 but that's not surprising as I was running directly into the wind and I was on the busiest section of the road. Having to be super-aware of traffic stressed me out.

I ran the 9 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes. My average pace per mile was 9:34 which wasn't great and not at all the same as last week's 8:32 pace. I think I messed up the timing on one of them... who knows. I'm not overly concerned. I burned 1100 calories overall which pleased me. I think I need a new ipod nano though, in addition to a new Nike+ system... ack. Too bad I still need to pay of this semester of school. Being a poor graduate student totally stinks sometimes.

I think some summer employment opportunities are working out though and my summer is starting to come together nicely. I'm going to be very busy, but I'm always more successful that way anyway.

It's pouring rain in CT today. BLEH.

It is however, pajama day at school so I'm rockin' black stretch pants and my Wishbone Bowl 2008 tshirt. Life isn't so bad.

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