Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Under New Management

The scoop shop that my sisters and I worked at for a few summers (that I often wrote about) is now under new management. Some of the previous owner's employees have stayed on for this summer. My sisters ran into a couple of them around town the other day and got an update. Things? Are not exactly looking good.

Last summer there were certain times where the cars would be lining the streets causing a HUGE traffic jam on Main Street. HUGE. My sisters and I would rush up there and, even though only two/three people work at a time, there would be 7 or 8 of us getting through a rush. We loved it and would often see how quickly we could have an order ready or time a car from pull-in to pull-out. We're competitive, what can I say?!? My point is, the customer base is built for the new owners to benefit from. From what I've heard... this is NOT going to happen.

Why, you ask...? Let me count thy ways:

The new owners are carrying an entire cooler LESS of ice cream. That is about 8 less flavors that they'll be able to offer.

They did not buy the milkshake machine from the previous owner, which let you make three at a time, and have instead opted to use ONE 1960's blender. (If you know ANYTHING about making milkshakes in an ice cream shop setting you KNOW this is a bad idea. If one car or group orders more than one milkshake- and they always do- you have to wash the entire thing after each one. NOT CONVENIENT AT ALL.)

The sign out front said- "Summer Hours Open Daily 12-8" and they closed at 7pm. Hmm...

They only offer iced coffee when there is leftover hot coffee from the morning. They just put it in the fridge. Iced coffee is *usually* brewed differently than hot coffee and if you order an iced coffee- - do you really want the LEFTOVER coffee?!?!? I think not.

They don't allow the overhead lights to be turned on. This makes the place look perpetually closed.

They don't allow the air conditioner to be turned on. Um? Ew. Sweat? In my ice cream? No thanks.

The best part is... it's not even JUNE yet. Ice cream season hasn't even HIT Vermont. It should make for an interesting summer, that's for sure.



Blogger Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like they are cutting a lot of corners. Hope it turns out okay for you. xoxo

3:03 PM  

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