Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend

Titles/headings are so overrated. If there was an award for the most boring/generic post titles I would surely win.

My weekend was incredibly boring but simultaneously incredibly perfect. Friday afternoon I knew I wanted to get a work out in right after school but after the debacle last Friday I was a little nervous. I told myself that I just needed to get out and take it easy so I did a nice 4.3 mile run. I'm trying to retrain myself that shorter runs are, indeed, just as valuable as the long ones. I got home from that and let Jillian Shred me. Friday evening I went out and did some errands- - went to Trader Joe's, Costco (needed a new nano and the 4th Twilight book- - New Moon?), and the grocery store then I just came home and did laundry.

Saturday morning I was subbing at jazz so I headed over there early to get ready. My class was awesome. When there are a lot of customers it is so energizing and I burned over 600 calories which is a personal high for me for a jazz class. I was also, after that, exhausted so I didn't even Shred on Saturday. I went over to my sister's boyfriend's house to do a few things they asked me to (his parents were away for the weekend) and started reading New Moon. Then, I babysat and read New Moon some more.

Sunday I didn't even set my alarm because I wanted to "treat" myself and sleep in. It was awesome. I slept until 7:45, stayed in bed until 8:30 then got up and had a leisurely breakfast. I read New Moon basically all day until I motivated around 2:30 to Shred and work out. HA. I got down on my yoga mat to to stretch before Jillian and the next thing I know, I'm waking up and it's after 7pm. Yea... slept right there on the floor for a RIDICULOUSLY long time. I couldn't believe it. I guess I really needed to catch up on some sleep. I went out to dinner with my sister's boyfriend and his parents for Mother's Day which was really nice- - it's great to get out of the house and visit with everyone.

Did ANYONE watch Brothers and Sisters last night? I love that show.

Today was a normal day, I went for a nice long run (9miles) after school and Shredded. It has been the perfect evening. Not having grad school for two weeks is bliss.

While I was at Costco I bought a HUGE bag of the Kirkland Fruit and Nut medley. If I gained weight this week, I know where to turn to. This could be a disaster. Ack. Is this EVER going to get easier!??!

Lastly- - I'm sure many of you know about this site already, but if you don't... . You MUST check it out. SO funny.

Apologies for this ridiculously random post. You just wasted about 5 minutes of your day. :)



Blogger Kate said...

I watched Brothers and Sisters-so good. I kept thinking there would be some major cliff hanger but I kind of like how it ended.

12:14 AM  

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