Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Shred Update

I came home and, as promised, got right to Shreddin' down. I still, on day 7 cannot keep up. The cardio is not a problem, and I do great in the beginning but I'm only using 6lb. weights for the first set (plie's with a shoulder press), the middle is fine (bent-over rows & biceps/lunges) with 8lbs, but I go back down to 6lb's for the mutliple-muscle section of the last set (anterior squat/lift) and I cannot do as many as "the girls" do. (How annoying is it when Jillian calls them that?!?) It's driving me crazy. I refuse to move on to level 2 until I can keep up and I just want to GET THERE DARN IT! Good thing I have 23 days to go...

I went to jazz this afternoon and was geared up for a great class but only one person came. I kind of hate that. I would say that 1/2 of my momentum comes from there being a lot of people in class and just having one person there makes it a lot more difficult. I don't know what it is about Thursdays but it's tough for people to make it to class for some reason. I burned 440 calories though- - which is pretty standard. I was worried that I wouldn't burn as much with only one person there. Combined with the Shred I got up to 650 calories burned for the day. Not too bad.

Tomorrow is Friday. Who else is pumped?!?!?

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