Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wecome to the 'hood

Yesterday evening I was sitting on my couch, watching tv, chatting on the phone with my mom, and looking at some school work, (have I ever mentioned my need to be doing 200 things at once? All the time? Yea, well, I do) when someone knocked on my door. I looked up and it was the three girls who live next door to me, their mom and their dog- - they were headed out on a walk and stopped by to see if I wanted to join them. (This family attends the school that I work at so while I don't know them well, I do know who they are.)

We headed out for a nice walk down to the beach, up by the yacht club and back around by the other yacht club. (Have I mentioned how much I love my new place yet?!?!?!) As we walked they gave me the low-down on all of my new neighbors and introduced me to the ones we passed.
Becuase we live in a community of sorts many families have golf carts that they take to and from the beach, yacht club, gate house, etc. We were rounding the circle down by the beach when I heard the familiar sound of a golf cart behind us. I turned to look and there was an elderly (maybe 65) year old woman driving the cart holding the leash of her dog. Apparently her dog likes to run-- she does not- - so she "runs" him around by means of the golf cart. Welcome to the neighborhood.



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