Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gym Disaster

Last night as my sister and I were getting ready for school the next day she asked if I would maybe be interested in waking up early and heading to the gym. I'm always game for working out (usually...) and did used to teach four 6am Jazz classes in Vermont, so I figured... Why not?

The alarm went off this morning and even though I COULD have stayed under the covers for another hour and a half I decided- - NO- - GET UP. Out the door we went. Everything was going smoothly, I did the rowing machine for 30minutes and then switched to the elliptical. Where I could see myself the ENTIRE time in a FULL LENGTH mirror. In case you hadn't figured it out- - this is the DISASTER part.

My legs? Aren't legs. They're cellulite storage houses. I'm officially a fat a$$.

Back to reality.



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