Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1/2 Marathon, etc

I was home (again) this weekend to run in the Vermont 1/2 Marathon Unplugged. I was really nervous because it was the first really official race I've ever run. I've run two 5k's before, one with timing chips, one without, but they paled in comparison to the seriousness of this one.

My mom and sister 3 woke up early with me and dropped S and I off at the start. They stayed for the start of the race then drove ahead to a checkpoint along the way to cheer us on. We thought that they'd then head to the finish to watch us, but they surprised us by stopping at one more stop before the end! I was amazed at how motivating it was to have people you know on the sidelines cheering for you. It definitely gave me the endurance push I needed to get to the end.

I had lost S by mile 5 (speedy- - whatever) but at the very end of the race you have to loop around and come back so we ended up passing each other with less than a mile left to go! S finished at 1:38 and walked back to find me and ran the last .25mile with me (all uphill). I don't know HOW he had the stamina to do that but it REALLY made me want to run faster because he was doing it for the SECOND time and still encouraging me. Yikes.

I finished at 1:48:40.

Being that this is my first real race I have NO sense of how that is overall for me, but I was excited!!! Less than two hours AND if I can keep that pace up for the FULL marathon I think I'll finish under 4 hours which is my goal!

My legs have been sore since Sunday which is a little unusual for me but I'm hoping some serious stretching between now and my 20miles on Friday should do the trick. My ass is also killing me due to my new love of regular underwear. After wearing thongs for the past 10 years my lower cheeks are having a hard time getting used to elastic digging into them (maybe that says something about the size of them?!?!). It's better than the alternative though- - chafing. I won't even GET into those details here. You can thank me later.



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