Thursday, December 21, 2006


It has been completely crazy around here lately! The Holidays are CHAOS in my line of work and this week has proven that assessment...10 fold. I love being busy though and I just soak in the Holiday Season so I actually enjoy it a little. :) Even better, my boyfriend arrived yesterday!!!!!!!! He landed at 12pm but I was swamped at work so I couldn't see him until 7 last night when I finally left, but it was worth the (long, long, 5 week) wait! We'll be together for the next 16 days and I am *so* excited!

Last night we had a great family dinner and went through three bottles of wine- - how does that happen so easily?!? Today is another long day at work for me, but I came in last Sunday night to help some people out so I am "permitted" to leave at noon tomorrow. As soon as that clock strikes 12 I'm OUTTA here!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! What are everyone's plans?


Blogger Lisagh said...

Enjoy the time with your boyfriend... due to many unforseen circumstances and bad bad planning on our part, I won't be spending any time with mine over the hols. I'm so bummed.

3:12 PM  
Blogger PreppyInVT said...

Ugh, Lisagh, I bet you are! Are you going to be able to see him soon?!?

9:33 AM  

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