Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Free Write

I have nothing exciting (do I EVER??) to discuss/report today so, I'll just tell you what my weekend plans are! Lucky you, I know! Tonight I'm hosting a Holiday gathering for my friends/roomates from college. Some live very far away now and won't be able to make it which is too bad, I would love to see everyone, but it should be very fun! For the rest of the weekend I'll just be finishing (how many times have I said THIS?!?) my Christmas shopping and wrapping so I can finally get everything under the tree. Do you guys put your gifts under the tree before Christmas or do you wait until Christmas Eve? I always get them under as soon as possible so I don't have to keep them in the closet!

Oh, and I would love some assistance coming up with a great gift idea... my sister's boyfriend's family lives in Greenwich, CT but always celebrates Christmas in Steamboat Springs, CO. I know that they are sending all of my sisters and I a small gift and I would love to think of something great to send before we receive theirs so it seems like I really thought of something ahead of time! (So sneaky... ha.) I would *love* to send the entire family matching pajamas from PajamaGram, but that is a little "Creepy" and very overwhelming so I need something small, but really thoughtful. Usually in instances such as these I put together a Vermont Shaped Gift Basket filled with everything from Vermont- - Cabot Cheese, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Green Mountain Coffee, REAL Maple Syrup, etc but that's what we sent LAST year! I thought about a Fresh Vermont Wreath (I can buy them locally, but you can buy one from Calyx & Corolla) or a Harrington's Ham but my sister thought receiving meat from UPS was slightly weird. Anyway, if there is anything you guys can think of, I would really appreciate it! The family consists of two parents, and 3 sons aged 17-24. THANKS!


Blogger Elizabeth H. said...

I would send a Greenberg smoked turkey. I have the info on my blog.

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