Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend

Thanks for the suggestions about what to send my sister's boyfriend's family. I decided to go with a Fresh Vermont Wreath from Calyx & Corolla along with a little something else (see below) I figured we would send them a little piece of Vermont to have in Colorado... is that skewed thinking?
My best friend and roomate in college always said that she has never met any person with more state pride than people from Vermont. I've always wondered if that is true. I know there are all kinds of stereotypes about Vermont and the crazy, tree-hugging, pot-smoking, birkenstock-wearing, hippies who live here but there are a lot of other things about this state that just aren't so. Whenever I think about that though, it does seem that regardless of the "type" of person who lives here, we all do have that commonality of thinking that this is the best damn place on earth and, if you don't agree, get the heck out because we don't need you anyway! Perhaps being able to find love and appreciation for a place that is normally below zero degrees in the winter does make us somewhat fanatical. Or, perhaps it's the inability to be able to decipher one Vermonter from another. You never hear the excuse, "Oh, those NORTHERN Vermonters." We're all the same. There is no difference between the type of people in Vermont like you may find in other New Englad states (i.e. the differences between City/Upsate/Northcountry/Western NY; Western/Eastern, MA; the North/South shore, anywhere OTHER than Fairfield County CT; and Northern/Southern NH). Maybe we all are tree-hugging hippies... :)

On another note, my sister is coming home from school today and our friend is flying in from Italy and should arrive around 8pm, my boyfriend will be arriving on Wednesday. Are you all ready out there? Welcome to the HOLIDAYS! :)


Blogger Lisagh said...

Yippee! The holidays indeed are here!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth H. said...

Vermont is a great state, and I would love to live there. I keep hoping that we will move there eventually.

10:25 PM  
Blogger a. said...

Excellent choice on the wreath!

10:55 PM  

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