Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

I had a wonderful weekend! Saw 27 Dresses (you MUST see. It's was a little too similar to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but Katherine is... perfect.) and hung out with my friends and family.

Now none of you truly "know" me but by now you've probably figured out that I'm not too crazy. I don't go out (hardly. ever.) on the weekends and only consume copious amounts of alcohol at family parties. This weekend I did go out with my cousin, the newish boyfriend and some friends and we were having a GREAT time at a bar downtown. We were having a few drinks and taking lots of pictures. Next thing I knew, three bouncers came over and escorted me out of the bar. Seriously. I was kicked out of a bar at 10:30pm. For taking pictures. Apparently that is NOT allowed there. ( I didn't see any signs posted.) AND I didn't even get a warning. I would have totally stopped taking pictures if I knew that it was against the rules. Really. I'm not a rule breaker. I get all nervous and sweaty when I even THINK about breaking rules. I couldn't believe it.

I mean, it wasn't even for anything good. If I was going to get kicked out I wish I had done something worthwhile...

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Blogger a. said...

Wow you are a wildchild! See what break-ups can do?

9:02 AM  

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