Friday, April 25, 2008

Where Does the Time Go

I've been waiting to make my Buble post until I had the corresponding pictures because...
1. Michael Buble is SO cute (I apologize LGOIT if you had a drink in your mouth because I'm sure you've spit it out in horror) :)
2. Pictures are so much easier than words sometimes.

I don't have them yet, and I'm too lame/busy to write anything substantial. (Um, do I EVER write anything substantial?!?!) I've been working ridiculous amounts even with all of my long weekends and I've been scooping/twirling so much ice cream that my hair permanantly smells like home-made waffle cones. While it was fun at first to have 38 children following me around thinking I was going to produce ice cream from some orifice of my body the excitement has worn off and I'm all, "What? It's a new perfume...eau de cone...very rare and expensive. GET LOST."

Not to mention...what is up with so many people liking banana splits? I've always hated them but if you TRULY like them please order them at a SIT DOWN ice cream establishment where people wait on you and bring the dish to your table (like FRIENDLY'S) because ordering them at a DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW with FIVE CARS IN LINE BEHIND YOU is. just. rude. There's about 289 steps to making a banana split and really, did ALL FOUR people in the car NEED their OWN banana split each crafted SLIGHTLY differently? (Seriously, they were all different- - one traditional all soft, one all twist, one traditional all hard, one all hard with 3 substitutes.)

I mean, what kind of parents introduce their kids to banana splits and let them order (a $5 treat) them for FUN?!? I didn't know any kind of ice cream other than vanilla, chocolate or twist existed until I was 11. Really. My dad would ask us ahead of time- - "Okay girls, vanilla? chocolate? twist?" We would give our answers, he would go to the window, order our TOT-SIZED ice creams, pay and bring them to us. There was no (excuse the pun) waffling about what flavor we wanted or thinking it was cute when we changed our minds after the ice cream was made or debating for 4 minutes while there is a HUGE line behind us if we wanted chocolate or rainbow or maybe the BWUE sprinkles because, "BWUE!?! SPWINKLES!?! I. JUST. HAFT TO HAF DOSE."

And really, when you come to the window at 7:30pm, it's 78 degrees out, and order a cafe mocha, don't be surprised if I want clarification on hot/cold.



Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

I'm too ladylike to spit. I snarf.

And one day I'm just going to get in my car, toodle up the highway and show up in your ice cream lane.

"Excuse me, Jazzy, but this Yankee wants a banana split with a mochachino chaser."

1:02 PM  
Blogger hot potato said...

you crack me up!

1:56 AM  

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