Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Official

I am in summer mode. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I just want to be outside all. day. long. My weekend was so busy but it strangely felt really long and almost relaxing. 48 hours of non-stop plans but they were FUN and this week is starting to look crazy too... here's my weekend:

5pm- home
5:15- work out
6:15-shower/get ready
7:00- out the door for drinks at a friend's
8:30- graduation celebration dinner
11- home
11:45- airport to pick up weekend visitor
1am- BED at housesitting house

6am- wake up/let dog out/get ready
6:45am- depart for graduation
7:00- stop for donuts & foutain diet cokes to get me through the 8am ceremony
7:15-inside high school gym ready for graduation
10:30- head back to housesitting house to let the dog out
11-home to regroup
11:15 grocery store to get beer for party later that night
12pm- lunch at Costco (hot dog and diet coke for $1.50...)
12:30-depart for Graduation Party 2 hours away
2:30-Friend's Graduation Party
3:30- depart for home
5:30- Pig Roast
8pm- Headed home but stopped at a local bar that has just been redone...
1am - Stayed WAY later than I anticipated...BED!

4:45am- wake up/let dog out
4:55- leave to bring weekend visitor back to airport
5:30am- home (laundry/projects)
8:30am- depart for day trip with neighbor and his grandkids
9am-4pm- CRAZY KID FILLED DAY- aquariums, boat rides, lunches, beaches)
4:15- Jazz
5:30- shower, catch up with family
6:30- more projects
7:50- BED. :)

Wow. If you made it this far...I'll try not to be so boring tomorrow. :)

This week I've got my tennis banquet, sister's/cousin's graduation party, a tennis match and a birthday party.

Here comes the Fun.

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