Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Did It

Did I tell you guys that I decided to move to house with the dog? Well, I did. It was a tough decision, but in the end I figured walking one dog, twice a day was easier than watching 3 kids for 15-20 hours/week. My first walk was Sunday night and it's been going well since then.

I wasn't supposed to move until October 15th but the new lady asked if I could come sooner so I packed up my car last Friday afternoon and moved most of my stuff over Saturday morning after I taught a jazz class. Friday afternoon was ridiculous, I felt like I was Rocky running up and down three flights of stairs to get all of my stuff out to my car- - really, I was carrying nightstands, tables, bags, clothes and a desk. I got everything packed up sooner than I was anticipating so I called "New Lady" and asked if I could run over quickly to unload some things. She. Said. No. Can you believe it? Here I was, agreeing to move in a week and a half earlier than I anticipated and she just said NO!!!! I was pissed to the point of tears and had a minor meltdown but sucked it up and mentally prepared myself to move Saturday.

Saturday comes along and I've got a bad headache from too much gin Friday night and have to teach jazz but I head over to the new house right after and unload my whole car. Into the hallway. That's right, my space wasn't "availabe" for me to move into so I just had to leave my stuff in the hallway. I was all, omigod, WTF, but I smiled and headed out to my car to get the second load of stuff. I turned the key and...nothing. I tried again. Silence. My car battery died. In. Their. DRIVEWAY. I was really ready to have another meltdown but I got the car jumped and headed to a local mechanic to test the battery. They said I needed a new one (I'm not totally convinced I did, but I was standing around in my Jazz spandex so I wasn't interested in getting into an argument) so I dropped $200 for a new battery. Totally depressing.

After I got the second load of stuff dropped off I headed to the old house to shower and get the last few things that I had before I headed North (well, East really, but here in CT they're all directionally challenged) to my Jazzercise conference. I met a few of my favorite VT instructors at one of their sister's house and we had the BEST time. It was the first time since I moved down here that I was able to just. sit. down. And relax. And have (somewhat) of adult conversations. We ordered pizza, we drank wine, we laughed, we lamented. It was perfect and EXACTLY what I needed after Friday/Saturday.

I spent all day Sunday at jazz (and took a KICK-BUTT class) then headed back to Fairfield County to move all of my stuff into my room. I'm almost all settled and feeling good about everything but I'm heading home tomorrow for the long weekend (we celebrate every Jewish Holiday 'round here) and I cannot wait. It will be four days of not tying shoes, zipping backpacks, planning lessons and family-style lunches. Four days of not babysitting, dog-walking and dishwasher unloading. My heart is beating faster at the thought of it.

Not to mention, my friends will be around, we've got happy hour planned and my favorite bar is calling my name. One day to go and I'm Homeward Bound. :)

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