Monday, February 16, 2009


Today is my two year Jazzercise anniversary. It's kind of crazy how some days it feels like I've been doing it FOREVER when really it's only been two years. Wow...

Happy President's Day to those of you who have the day off. I am certainly enjoying mine. I had a very quiet weekend and, for the first time in YEARS, didn't even notice that it was Valentine's Day on Saturday. For so many years I have either had a boyfriend or worked at a place that made it IMPOSSIBLE to forget that it's always been kind of a big deal. This year? Was exactly what I needed. I went to double jazz classes in the morning, came home did homework all day, watched a movie and went to bed. It was fantastic.

Friday morning I woke up to find a package on the front step from home. I couldn't imagine what it was (I actually thought my parents had sent me groceries... they do that sometimes). :) What was inside was even better. A note in my Dad's scrawl- - Happy Valentine's Day- - and Mama Mia on dvd. He and my mom had watched it recently and totally loved it, so he sent it to each of my sisters and I for Valentine's Day. It was such a nice surprise. :)

So far I've spent the day cleaning my bathroom and grocery shopping...having long weekends totally rocks.

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