Saturday, February 14, 2009

Food Network

I'm currently trying to get my homework done for the week (I have a long weekend-- I'd like to be able to enjoy it!) and I have the Food Network on in the background. It's all about dessert and it's make me CRAVE something gooey and dessert-y and delicious. Someone even made banana bread donuts. Banana Bread. Donuts. That? Islikeheaven. Two of my absolute favorite things, in ONE. DEEP FRIED. WITH GLAZE. Mmmmmmm...

Unfortunately, none of these things are on The Diet so I had to settle for Boston Creme Pie flavored yogurt. Yea...notsomuch.

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Blogger Jigging in J.Crew said...

OMG those donuts sound like something they would serve in heaven - where you can eat yummy carbs and never gain weight!

12:55 PM  

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