Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Email to my Family

Because I like to share that I am, certifiably insane. And because it's easy to copy and paste. :)

Hello All,

I had the day off today so I decided, like the responsible student I am, to spend some time reading through books/articles for a paper that I'm writing for my Child Development class. As some of you know, my topic is how birth order and family placement affects personality. I got to the sections about Oldest Sisters of multiple sisters (two fingers point to THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE) and I think you, those who know me best, will REALLY appreciate some of the characteristics of this category of people.

I was slightly horrified at some of the findings (I've italicized those for your reading pleasure) and didn't think they applied to me AT ALL, but D has assured me that they are indeed, accurate.

Highlights from the chapter:

"The oldest sister of sisters likes to take care of things and give orders. She wants to know what's going on around her. She wants people to report to her, to be up to date and in control...

Material wealth and property as well as cultural and intellectual goods are less important to her than responsibility and power over those people who were entrusted to her...She can work hard for a good cause and sometimes tends to over-exert herself. She is tough and enduring. She does not take it easy and expects others, especially her charges, to fulfill their assignments and accomplish things. Her subordinates and colleagues rather dread than love her, even though she is convinced that she means well, and she would not be able to understand how anybody could possibly be afraid of her.

Not infrequently she gives men the impression of being an unconquerable fortress. She appears efficient, strict, and straightforward, and thus discourages many men from flirting with her or courting her.

Among her relatively preferred professions are those of teacher, principal, head nurse, missionary, sister superior of a convent, director of a children's home or of a kindergarten, manager of a theatrical agency or movie star.

Her pride tends to be her undoing."

I'm not sure that any of my coworkers DREAD me and I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as an unconquerable fortress, but other than that... I'd pretty much have to agree. :)


P.S. Pretty sure I'd benefit from a paper topic on Narcissism next.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this just cracked me up to no end. thanks for sharing it.

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