Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Dreaded Tuesday Night

weigh in. So far I've lost 9.8lbs then gained back 1.4 then 3lbs last week. Which means I've only lost 4.4lbs. Not impressive. I'm having anxiety over this. It's totally depressing.



OpenID soandsosaid said...

how do you look? are you focusing too much on the numbers on the scale? you sound totally fit and active and looked great in previous pics youve posted...

3:49 PM  
Blogger P in VT said...

Thank you so much.

I look okay, and I feel okay, and I *know* that I'm in great shape. I work out all of the time and I do focus too much on the numbers but I didn't decide to join WW to affirm that I'm in good shape. I want to lose weight and start dropping some sizes...

so I'm a little frustrated!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

i posted to this and then i think that openid ate it. which means that the minute i post this i'm sure you'll get both posts. anyways, i'm no expert and i'm sure not trying to play one on t.v., but it sounds like maybe your body has hit a plateau. you've maintained such a high level of aerobic fitness for so long that it's harder for you to hit those zones where you burn fat. i would wonder if you really have to shock your body. a serious circuit training with weights or p90x or something. high reps, low to medium weights with cardio in between to keep the heart rate up? something to just really shake it up though. i'd also wonder if some type of supplement wouldn't help. hmmm. research project.

i totally understand the frustration. i've been there, not the exact situation, but putting the effort in, both gym wise and self control wise at the table and not seeing the results i wanted while everyone else was.

5:30 PM  

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