Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Teaching Social Studies

I'm taking a course now, Teaching Social Studies, and one of it's requirements is that you have some sort of stock of social knowledge. (Yea, I didn't see that coming either.) We all know that I am Jeopardy-obsessed and love trivia but as far as comprehending the overall scheme of social studies... well... I lack. Slightly. We have the test tonight- - supposedly a very broad, general, social studies knowledge test that I will either,

Pass with Distinction
Pass with Honor
or Fail

So... just so all of you can improve upon your (stellar, I'm sure) social studies knowledge right along with me here is a sampling of the questions that will be on the test. I'm not providing answers because you should just *know* this stuff (and you can certainly google it), but it will be fun and interesting just to see what you know!

1. If you are sailing from Africa to South America what ocean will you cross?
2. What line cuts through the center of the earth?
3. Which Amendment stated that slavery was abolished?
4. Who said, "The only thing to fear is fear itself."?
5. Which president authorized the Atomic bomb?
6. Australia is/was also called __________?
7. Which line cuts through the earth the OTHER way?
8. Which continent doesn't have a desert?
9. Which continent doesn't have a rain forest?
10. What is the capital of New York?
11. What are the 5 Great Lakes?
12. What country is northernmost in South America?
13. What country is bordered by Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia?
14. What is the capital of Afgahnastan?
15. Where was George Washington's home?
16. Who was the Pilgrim's best friend?
17. What were the dates of George Washington's presidency?
18. What country wasn't part of the Axis of Power of WWII?

How did you do?!?!

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