Saturday, May 02, 2009

Day 2- - The Shred

I set out for an 8-9 mile run last night, made it .75miles down the road and had to stop. I was exhausted. That really *never* happens to me so I figured I should listen to my body and head home. I took the long way home so I ended up walking 2 miles then stretched for a while. I think my body needed some rest.

I did want to start the Shred though so I popped that into the dvd player and got started. From everything I read about it, I was expecting a fitness nazi (Jillian) to be screaming the whole time, but the dvd was much cooler and toned-down that I expected. I figured that since I'm in pretty good shape I might to start on level 2 or 3 but decided that I was just going to start at 1 and take it from there.

The dvd is challenging, that's for sure and it gets your heartrate up. In 20 minutes I burned about 110 calories which is just average, but that was okay with me. I'm glad I started at level 1 becuase I couldn't complete each movement perfectly without getting tired. I figured I'll stay at this level until I can complete each section successfully. The cardio or ab parts isn't hard for me at all and I actually jump to the next move before they do, but the pushups and lateral lunges could use some (serious) work. It is quick though and was over before I knew it.

I woke up at 6 this morning (I went to bed at 8pm last night...) and wanted to make sure I got in day 2 of the Shred so I got right to it and did that before I headed to Jazz for PT and double classes. I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say?!?

Tomorrow I'm running in a 5k and as much I would like to do the Shred before I go (just so it's over with) I think I might wait until after to make sure that my body is feeling good for the race.

May is National Fitness Month and to celebrate our jazz center came up with a May Fitness Challenge that I'm inviting all of you to participate in too- - it's very doable. All you have to do is:

For each of the days left in May (30) complete 1 set of each of the following:
30 crunches
30 pushups
plank for 30 seconds
v-sit for 30 seconds

That's it! It will take probably 3 minutes total and you'll feel GREAT about yourself! I challenge (and encourage) you to start today!

Also- - I watched Made of Honor (Patrick Dempsey) for the first time last night. SO funny. Rent it if you haven't seen it yet!

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