Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Shred & a 5k

I woke up early enough to complete the Shred this morning before heading out for the 5k. I'm glad I did because it would have been tough motivating to do it when I came home. The 5k went well, it was a little cooler than I thought and I had to run with my jacket on which I wasn't planning to do but I ran it in 23:37 or about 7:34 minutes/mile. I think. I can't remember exactly. I was pretty pleased with that although I felt like I was running fast the whole time and that? Isn't EXACTLY fast, but oh well.

There is something inherently different about running a 5k than simply setting out for a 3.2mile run. I hate being chased and feeling like there are people behind me. This does not bode well for races.

I was proud of myself because I ate a great breakfast before going which I don't usually do but then I ruined it at the end of the race by eating cookies, 1/2 bagel, grapes, and 2 muffins. Yea... god help me on weigh-in Tuesday. I have basically zero points and 100 calories left for the day. Go me.

I came home and pulled out my exercise mat to stretch. I don't stretch nearly enough and need to get back into it. I think I have some stretching dvds at my parent's house but they were really boring. Does anyone know of a good stretch workout? I don't want it to be super intense, I just want it to be relaxing and enjoyable. And work.

I don't have too much going on today I think I'm just going to relax for the afternoon (and try to stay away from food) then I'm babysitting at 5.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much was the DVD? Did you end up getting it at Target?


12:55 PM  
Blogger P in VT said...

I think it was around $11/13 dollars. I looked for it at Walmart, but they didn't have it. Ended up getting it at Target. I also picked up her book- - I forget the name. Something about the last 20lbs...

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks...I think her book has something about mastering your metabolism in the title...I run also and I really want to get my core in shape. Love the blog!


8:43 AM  

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