Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Show and Tell

My sister arrived Sunday (NYC) to spend a few days with her boyfriend and have a couple of interviews for summer jobs. She is taking the train out to me this morning, the school that I work at basically has it's own stop- - very convenient, to be my "Show and Tell". My kids have been bugging me to start bringing in show and tell with them once a week so I thought it would be fun to bring my sister! My class has all met her, and they love her, and they are just going to DIE when they see her and hear that she'll be spending the rest of the day with us. She's also going to tell them at this time that she'll have 1/2 of them in class next year as she's going to be a 1st grade T.A. This is going to be a very big day in Kindergarten. I can't wait.

This evening is the big Tuesday Weigh in (I'm praying it goes well) then we're heading over to her boyfriend's parent's house for Cinco de Mayo dinner. (And hopefully a celebratory glass of wine or beer for me based on the weigh in.)

I woke up early again this morning to get my Shred on. I found it really hard to push myself but I made it through. I've really gotta work on those push-ups. :)

Oh! And I have GREAT news to report. My friend D. The one who I keep saying NEEDS her own blog? Well, we created it last night! She doesn't have anything there yet, but when she gets up and running I'll direct you to her... I have no doubts this is going to be good. :)

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