Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've recently been informed that my family (even extended) reads this blog fairly regularly. In an effort to make sure I didn't have any REALLY disparaging posts I've made it a point to read through all of my archives.

As I was doing this I came across a post from last November. I weighed 147lbs. That is what I weigh RIGHT NOW. I'm quitting WW.

I hope that it's like finding your car keys (or nice guys)... as soon as you STOP looking for them, you find them. I'm hoping that as soon as I STOP trying (and thinking about NONSTOP) to lose weight, I'll relax and have an even better attitude about it. Of course, I wouldn't mind finding a guy in the process either. :)

Wish me luck. (or at least hope that I don't turn into a pizza, donut and bagel eating machine.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So did you have a target weight in mind when you started?

Funny the day you post this a sign went up for weight watchers @ work.

3:07 PM  

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