Monday, June 29, 2009

The Fun? It Never Ends

When you're in Grad school. Today was Day 1 of summer session II, and? I already would like to kill myself. To recap, I'm taking three courses. Teaching Math M- Th 9-1pm, Curriculum Management M, T, H, 4-7 and Literacy II M, T, H 7-10pm. The day course is way down in NY, like far down. Past the toll booth. (Hello, $2 toll every day. I knew I should have bought that speedpass when I moved.) And 'round here in CT people think traveling one town over is a day trip. I remember the first time I subbed at Jazzercise here and I introduced myself and told everyone I had just moved to the area from Vermont. Somebody yelled from the back, "Oh! From Norwalk?!? Wow!" Uhhh.... NO. Not from NORWALK the town that is THREE EXITS up on the Interstate. From VERMONT. You know, the STATE? That's about... 5 hours and three interstates NORTH? VER.MONT. I wonder how they would react if I told them that some towns in Vermont don't even have their OWN HIGH SCHOOL. The horror.

So our professor for Teaching Math is a teacher at the school (way down in NY) where our class is held and she's more than personable and very realistic but, she's got that edge. Unless you live here or are familiar with the tri-state area you may not know what "edge" I mean, and I can't describe in a way that is remotely PC, but... she's got fake (long) nails, is very Italian and is totally rockin' the Westchester/NY accent. I KNOW.

So, class starts and there's a small group of us there and the professor tells us that one of her co-workers will be joining us shortly. The door opens a while later and she greets the woman who walks in like a friend, only thing is, I'm pretty sure this woman got lost on her way to the nail salon. On her wedding day. We all know, I'm no queen of fashion (like I need to remind you about my T for L dress debacle), but seriously? She was wearing a babyblue terrycloth full tracksuit, flipflops, and had a WIDE, white, elastic headband in her hair. I thought for SURE she would have the word, "Bride" emblonazed across her butt. (I checked. She didn't.) And I guess she found what she was looking for, because she pulled up a chair and joined the group.

After Math I headed to school to get a workout in before the afternoon/evening classes. The first day of classs is always the best, because you find out everything you need to know for the semester and it's always the worst because you find out everything you need to know for the semester. I feel sick about all of the work I have to do but at least I have internet at home again and will try to get some work done every night. Even though I'm not home until 10pm usually.

Right now I'm tired, and exhausted and have some work to do... but tomorrow's a new day and guess what? I get to do it all over again. Go me.

Also, I've gained three pounds since my last weigh-in so I'm trying to lose 4lbs. BY WEDNESDAY. I never claimed to be sane. So I've been starving myself for the day (yea, yea, yea, I know. You're NOT supposed to do that. Guess what? I don't care. Fact is, people who don't eat? Lose weight. Seriously. I'll post a link that proves it.) So this morning I have some veggies, then for lunch I had a salad and some cheese sticks. Then for dinner I had some turkey slices. I was, in a few words, feeling pretty damn good about myself. Then? I came home and was starving (oh, please. You SO saw that coming) so I had some egg whites with cheese, a spoonful of Better 'N Peanut Butter, and a pudding cup. Then I had a WW sundae cup and a box of raisins. I told you, even if I wanted to be anorexic I couldn't. Believe me, I've tried.

So, that's where I'm at. The alarm is set for 5:35 so I can make it to 6:30am spinning before Math. God help me.

P.S. Have you seen those new Bing commercials? The, "What has search overload done to us?" ones? Well, I feel like I am everysingle person in those commericials. Seriously, if they taped my inner monologue every day they could have saved some big bucks on talent fees.

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