Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Sunday

This week marks the last week of the first summer session of grad school. Even though it’s totally sucked, I (kind of) have to admit that it went by quickly. That being said, I still have about 27,000 things to accomplish before Thursdays night’s last classes and a WHOLE new summer session starting next week to look forward to. Here’s to a VERY productive beginning of the week.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night. Again. Does that ever happen to you? This is the THIRD Sunday I’ve had since school got out and I feel like I’m still adjusting to summer schedule. I don’t know where the weeks are going. All of the sudden it’s like- - BAM! SUNDAY NIGHT!

This weekend went by exceptionally fast because I was so busy. Friday, Sister #4 came down so Friday afternoon/night/Saturday morning was spent with her and Sister #2. Sister #3 couldn’t make it; she was in the Bahamas. (Yea, we didn’t feel too bad about that either.) The weather down here has been crazy so it’s been too tough to plan any activities outside. We had enough of watching the Soap Net Friday afternoon and we headed down to Greenwich Ave to browse. Notice I say BROWSE. Shopping? On Greenwich Ave? Is definitely not in these girl’s budgets. I, myself, could always pretend and try stuff on and browse but my sisters do not have the same appreciation. I did convince them however to accompany me into JCrew (I had a $100 gift card) and I scored a new skirt, shirt and flip flops for $40. I know. It was awesome. I think my big score enticed sister #2 to find some of her own bargains so when we walked by Lucy she asked if we minded stopping...

I’ve never been into a Lucy store so I didn’t know what to expect but their window display was cute and I’m always searching for workout clothes for running and Jazzercise. We (obviously) headed straight to the back to the sales rack and Sister #2 almost couldn’t contain her excitement. She is NOT a shopper by any means so I got excited solely based on her excitement. Before you knew it we were scanning the racks and pulling out different pieces to mix and match. She just recently started attending Bikram Yoga classes in the city so she needed some outfits to wear. The saleswoman was so helpful and as my sister was walking into the dressing room with a top and a pair of shorts the sales woman says, “Oh, what size are those shorts?” Sister #2 answers, “XS”. (I know, gag me.) The saleswoman replied, “Ah, I think you’re going to need a Double XS.” I did a double take. As in X.X.S. TWO X’s before the S. DOUBLE EXTRA SMALL. Are you following this?!? I could have died. And you know what? Lucy sales woman was right. Sister #2 walked out from behind that curtain and those EXTRA-EXTRA-small shorts fit her perfectly. Meanwhile I was knocking down hangers with my fat ass. If she wasn’t my sister and I didn’t like her so much, I’d totally hate on that skinny B.

We ended up leaving with two new outfits for my sister. (If I fit into XXS I’d have bought the whole damn store.) She bought one for herself to have RIGHTNOW and I bought her one for her birthday that’s coming up. I usually like to keep things a SURPRISE, but she really loved this stuff so I couldn’t resist.

I’m currently watching Army Wives as I type this. Does anyone else watch this? I’ve only seen it twice, but I’m slowly becoming addicted. I hope this doesn’t interfere with Brothers and Sisters come September.

ALSO?!?!? I saw The Hangover today. FUNNIEST movie I’ve seen in a while. You’ve got to go see it. Really. I was laughing uncontrollably at one point. Couldn’t even catch my breath.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay. you need to start posting pictures. because you keep talking about this fat ass and weight too lose but i didn't see it in the party pics you posted. you looked pretty hot. i think you need to trust us on this.

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