Friday, June 26, 2009

How My Friends tell me I'm desperate

The following is a transcript of a Facebook chat I had with a friend from college last night... it needs no further explanation.

E: Miss M!!
M: Hey!
E: how are you?!?! i was thinking about jacksonville today and how much fun we had
M: omg- I know! I want to go back
E: adn that its been forever since i have seen you....
M: (without P)
E: me too! haha
M: but definitely s! I know!
E: still bitter eh? yes!
M: we'll definitely get together this summer!
E: hes crazy and i love it. Yes. question for you
M: I'm not bitter, yea
E: totally random
M: okay
E: but
M: just get to the point :):)
E: i have this guy i want you to meet
M: OMG! who?!?! are you dating him?!?!?!?
E: i think you two would totally hit it off
M: OMG. OMG OMG. who is it?!?!?!
E: NO!!! for you! his name is E. F. check him out. hes a friend of mine on fb. hes going to be 36 soon...that too old??
M: OMG!!!!! what's his story?
E: well hes my VP at work
M: hmmmm....
E: he is being deployed at the end of july though. But
E: hes super nice isnt into games and all that. claims hes never cheated on a gf. i know i know. hes been in training for the past 5 months. and just came back last week. and i just needed to mention it to you
M: I'm copying and pasting this convo to my family
E: ahhhh why?!? hes successful. owns his own place. looking to get a house when he comes back. wants kids
M: because you're trying to set me up with a 36 year old who's about to be DEPLOYED!!!!!! well, that sounds wonderful
E: haha
M: when does he come back?
E: next june. so hes gone about a year
M: does he know that you think we would be good for each other?
E: yea. ive mentioned it to him
M: hahahahaha. and what did HE say?!?! where is he being deployed to?
E: hes going to iraq
M: omg
E: hes fairly high up in the military ranks. he said its not an ideal situation
M: omg. he's cute- - i just looked him up
E: but he would be up for meeting you. Haha. hes a good guy
M: is he trying to set something up so he has someone to come home to?!?!?!?!. this sounds very WWIIish...
E: no no no
M: leaving a girl at home while you go off to combat
E: he knows hes not going to leave with a gf
M: will I need to ration my sugar?
E: or anythign like that. HAHAHAHA. you kill me
M: I'm kidding, obviously :):) has he seen my pic?
E: i know. yes
M: i look skinnier in it than I am in real life...
E: oh please. you are ridiculous
M: you know me.... my personality can be a bit.... umm... overwhelming. did you tell him that? okay, so he said he'd be up for meeting up?
E: i said you are very mature
M: why hasn't he met someone in Boston?!?! (it's true, I am)
E: and we used to call you the mom of our team
M:hahahahahahahahahahaha. okay okay okay
E: yes

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Blogger POSH AND POISED said...

HAHAHA! I just died, what kind of friend tries to hook you up with someone who is deploying.....for a year! What? Is she trying to make you the sixth Army Wife?

7:55 AM  

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