Monday, July 06, 2009

10 down

6 to go. That's right. I got my grades for the last session of summer courses and I got two A's. I'm totally proud of myself and obviously not above some shameless self-promotion. I found out my grades RIGHT after I got a text letting me know my friend found my camera in his car after Friday night. Thank god. Because I had NO idea where I was going to find THAT baby after my crazy night.

I've also spent the day fielding text messages from two boys back home that read something to the effect of:

I wish you could have stayed in VT longer.

I miss you. xoxo

I had so much fun with you this weekend.

You're awesome. You crack me up. So funny.

I've wanted you for so long and now I have this HUGE crush on you.

I guess its all a little flattering but REALLY, I need to remind myself that I'm pretty sure I just like BEING LIKED by these guys I'm not interested in either one of them. At least not seriously. It is fun to always have plans when I'm home though.

Good thing I won't be home for over a month, they'll have some time to come to their senses. Bottom line? I'm pretty sure NEITHER of them could handle me on a regular basis. I can be...difficult. To say the least.

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