Monday, September 21, 2009

A Checklist

- Drank heavily two nights in a row (CHECK)
- Spent an entire Saturday recovering (CHECK)
-Went out to dinner in yoga pants and a t-shirt (CHECK)
-Proceeded to go to 2 bars in said outfit (CHECK)
-Stayed until closing and got followed to the car by a creepy mcCreeper (CHECK)
-Headed to Westport to shop at 3am (CHECK)
-Stopped at diner on the way for veggie omlettess, french toast, and chocolate milk (CHECK)
-Purchased Boatmen Gellar stationary at 3:32am (CHECK)
- Semi-drunk dialed one of the boys at 4am and chatted for over an hour (CHECK)
-slept until 11:24am (CHECK)

*SO* many stories from the weekend ... coming soon.

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Blogger Summer Wind said...

hahah too funny!

5:48 PM  

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