Wednesday, February 03, 2010

CT is Making me Weak

I went to bed last night with every intention of waking up and heading to boxing this morning. I got a text at 1:18am saying that my cooperating teacher had a house-emergency (exploded hot water heater) and wouldn't be in until after morning recess. On boxing days I get to school on time, but late for me, so I re-set my alarm and resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't make it to boxing today.

At 5:30 my cell phone rang. School is delayed for 90 minutes. I can still make it to boxing. Do I?

of course not, there's about an inch of snow out there and I'd have to brush my car off.

I know, I'm disgusted with myself too.

I better get back to "Reality" and back to VT quickly. I refuse to turn into a wimpy, snow-hating, loser.

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Blogger EntertainingMom said...

Ahhh, please don't dis us Nutmeggers! Some of us are not snow haters at all!!!! :)

9:35 AM  

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