Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Marathon Monday

or Tuesday as it's becoming...

Last week was our fourth week of training for the marathon. I cannot believe it. It is really going by so quickly. The three mile runs are getting easier and easier and almost...enjoyable?!?!?! It's CAH-RAZY.

The rundown for last week went:

T- 3m- 24:07-7:32/mile
W- 6m- 48:21- 7:40/mile
Th-3m- 23:59- 7:28/mile
S- 11m- myipodstoppedtwomilesinDAMNIT. Estimating about 8:20/mile

Last week I felt GREAT about running. Then Saturday came. I had the BEST attitude about it. It was FREEZING cold (11 degrees) so Friday afternoon my sister and I went out to get some cold-weather gear. We were prepared mentally and physically for the run. Unfortunately my ipod stopped working two miles into it. I over-layered on my top half and only had one layer on my bottom half. That? Was a mistake. Those of you who know me in real life no that, by nature, I'm a sweat-er. I think about working out and I sweat. Well...Saturday was no exception. I was sweating like crazy, my pants froze to my back, my shirt froze to my pants and my left pointer-toenail dug into my middle-toe so much it bled and stained my socks AND shoes.

I have completely blocked Saturday's run from my mind and hope that this Saturday's 13miler goes MUCH more smoothly...



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