Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cue Me, Cue Me

All of you know that I am a Jazzercise instructor. It is sometimes overwhelming but I love it. When I was living in VT and teaching 7x/week, I learned ALL of the new songs and had new sets every week for each time slot. Preparing for classes was where I probably focused 75% of my energy.

When I moved to CT and was in graduate school full time...well...I didn't have the time, energy or brainpower to put that much effort into class. I still taught a great class and learned new songs but I just didn't put as much effort into it as I used to. As a perfectionist and total Type A, this really bothered me but there was really nothing that I could do.

Since graduate school is over I've been getting back into the Jazz swing and I've felt great about it! However, Thursday evening's class almost set me back a ways. I was in the middle of a medium-heavy routine close to the top of the aerobic curve and one of the moves requires turning around the room to face each wall. As we all came back to face one another a woman started yelling from the back, "CUE ME! CUE ME! YOU'RE NOT CUE-ING ENOUGH! CUE ME! I CAN'T FOLLOW YOU!"

Screaming. From the back of the room.

Now, our average customer wouldn't necessarily know what "cue" meant or know that's what we do up there, but this particular customer is a former aerobics instructor.

Who apparently felt it was her right to critique my style from the back of the room.

I couldn't believe it. I know that all customers have a favorite instructor(s) and the reality is, we all have different styles but we're ALL VERY GOOD instructors. I couldn't believe that as someone who formerly taught aerobics she thought it would be appropriate to disrupt a class that way.

It's rude and unnecessary and I didn't appreciate it.

When you're paying for something like a gym membership or personal training I understand that you want to get the most for you money. I do too. It's easy to loose sight though, of the fact that the people in "charge" or on stage are normal people with families, feelings and goals.

I don't make a TON of money teaching Jazzercise, in fact, I make just enough to cover my Jazzercise expenses. It doesn't pay my bills. I have a day job. I teach because I love it and because I love (most of) my customers.

There will always be someone who doesn't appreciate everything I do and I try to push those instances from my mind, but when I work hard to put a set together over the weekend and show up ready to teach a rockin' class, it really blows when someone does something like that.

Next time I've got the mic on stage I think I'll spend a little time cue-ing good manners and appropriate behavior as well.

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OMGoodness. That is crazy.

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