Friday, February 05, 2010

Yes I Can

I am very much a "get-it-done-er". When there are things to do I don't waste any time thinking about or talking about HOW to do them. I simply DO them. I am a mover and a shaker by nature. I am a list-maker, a task-completer, and checker-off-er. People know this about me. Oftentimes if someone wants something accomplished they'll say, "Oh, I'll just call PreppyinVT..." I don't mind this at all, in fact, I almost like it because it gives me additional tasks to write and then check off of my list.

HOWEVER, recently I have been bombarded with donation requests. I am a very giving person and I do donate to causes that are important and close to me. What I don't like is being asked with the expectation that I am going to say yes or donate immediately. I received a text from a friend (acquaintance?) last week, "Hey M, I have a small favor to ask." I responded, "What's up?" They responded, "My brother is raising money for the penguin plunge and and would really appreciate any donation you could make. I'll email you the info." I responded, "Good for him, I'll check it out." The person emailed me the info last Friday afternoon. I briefly checked it out and got on with my weekend. Sunday morning around 10am I get a text, "Hey M, did you have a chance to check out my brother's site yet?"

Ummm...yes. I did. If I was going to donate, I probably would have the next chance I had time to look at everything. I don't need any pressure. Thanks.

Then, this morning on Facebook I had an invitation to an event from someone I went to college with. EXCEPT, it was an invitation to DONATE to an event. That I WASN'T invited to.

I'm all for using as many resources as possible to raise awareness and funds but in this age of instant communication I think everyone needs to assess who they're approaching and in what way.



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