Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Update of Sorts

Tomorrow's the big day as far as the job hunt goes. The principal from the school has called ALL of my references today so they're definitely doing their homework. After the interview I'm heading home (again) for the holiday weekend and my cousin's bridal shower (who's wedding I'm in). I don't even think I've TOLD you all about that whole thing yet, have I? Hmmm...

I mentioned my attempt at playing it "cool" with this new guy (we'll call him... Coach), so after he called me on Sunday night to check in and make sure I was rooting for Baylor (oops), I haven't called or texted him at all. (GO MEE!!!!!) Of course, I thought the package I sent him had been delivered and I hadn't heard anything and he must've thought I was a HUGE LOSER and TOTALLY TOO MUCH so he was just going to ignore me from here on out. I was on the phone with my youngest sister last night lamenting about the fact that I'm SUCH A LAME-O and as she was so nicely reminding me about the time I left a surprise package of wine glasses at ANOTHER guy's house (thanks for solidifying my CRAZINESS Kate, you really know how to make a girl feel better) I got a text from "Coach".


He was just checking in to see how I was adjusting back in CT and at school. He mentioned that he hasn't been feeling well so he's been going to bed early to get rested for the weekend (!!!!!!) ((We're supposed to hang out)). And, I told him about my second interview.

Still no mention of the package, so jury's still out on whether or not that will send him running, SCREAMING in the other direction.

In the meantime... I've got a 5 mile run to do, one jazz class, and then I'm packing and getting organized to come home for the weekend.

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