Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Being at a crossroads is never easy. I feel like I've been at one since finishing grad school. I know I will finish out the year at my current job but in the meantime have been on the LOOKOUT for a head teaching position.

So far I've applied for 11 jobs (1 in MA, 2 in CT, 8 in VT) and I just want to GET ONE OF THEM. Actually, I don't even. I'm hoping a job opens in my home county in VT, but I'm not holding my breathe.

It's such an awkward place to be.

I think I'll be moving home, to VT, but still need a job there and I'd like to fast forward the next three months so I KNOW what I'll be doing. I am a total Type A, planner by nature and not knowing what's coming is KILL-ING me.

If I had a job I feel like I could relax and enjoy the next few months here. I also need to find a summer job and that is directly dependent on where I'll be living come September.

All of these two-year stints are killing me. I'm ready to find a place, immerse myself in the community there, and get started with the rest of my life.



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