Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I start everyday with a can of diet coke. I used to start everyday with a FOUNTAIN diet coke but in a quest to save some money (even if it's $8/week) I started drinking canned diet coke for my morning fix. Fine.

Every day I bring a 64oz jug of water with me to work. Every day I am supposed (self inflicted) to drink 64oz of water before I leave. Sometimes, if I finish my water and I want a treat in the afternoon I let myself have another diet coke. If I don't finish my water- - no diet coke for me.

Well, today that diet coke is calling my name but I've got 14oz of water laughing in my face.

They're going DOWN.



Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Riddle me this - do you have a desk in the bathroom. You know, so all that time spent peeing isn't lost?

4:32 PM  

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