Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduation Party Tonight!

Whoa. Yesterday was my 300th post! I didn't even know! Fun!

Tonight we are having a graduation party for my two sisters and cousin. It's going to be so. much. fun. All of the family is home for the weekend and my two cousins (sisters of the cousin who is graduating) and my other sister and I have made a slideshow of pictures of the three of them from birth to now AND we wrote a poem that we're going to read to them at the party.

It's lengthy, and filled with inside jokes, but it's pretty humorous. Don't feel inclined to read the whole thing. :)

Oh Little Ones

We started in April and we searched long and hard
For the perfect graduation gift or card
And while we thought something tied with a bow would be nice
Felt that for this special day those just wouldn’t suffice

We wanted something that would honor and commemorate
A, A and K on this special date
And decided the best way to tribute these three
Was to play “Remember When” in front of their friends and family

You see, as their sisters we have many stories to share
About these three “little ones’ and we’re sure they won’t care
That we tell you some things you probably don’t know
So sit back, relax and watch their cheeks glow

Remember when M was babysitting at the house on Creek Glen
And told K and A they couldn’t go to the horse farm again?
With their four year old wishes that verdict did not meet,
So by themselves they walked that half-mile down the street

And we almost hate to bring up that one time in York
When those two were alone on the Emerton porch
And thought that they were being so sneaky and sly
But were caught by the Police throwing peanuts at cars passing by
R would have laughed it off but M was pissed
And they swept that mess ‘til not one shell was missed
We should have learned then not to leave them alone
But luckily these shenanigans they’ve (mostly) outgrown

Don’t think that A has escaped our thoughts,
Because completely innocent she most definitely is not
And she would have gotten in trouble too you can bet
If someone had found she and A dipping Joey in the toilet

Remember when they “discovered” that river and tunnel at camp,
And stripped off their clothes when they became damp?
They left us alone for hours but imagine our disdain
When we found them all naked on the side of Pearl Bay Lane

Or the time that R woke up in the morning at five
To find K jumping on the trampoline outside
When he yelled out the window to see what this was all about
She replied matter of factly, “Oh I’m just hanging out!”

Later he was driving her home and promised to stop for a snack
When he accidentally drove by the store, K was quick to yell from the back,
But she didn’t realize how R’s self-esteem would be destroyed
When the words out of her mouth were, “I said STOP. Fat Boy!”

And in J’s closet they would hang out and play,
Dressing up, dressing down, no matter the day,
It was there that A and A and K
Became Sporty, Posh and Baby Spice respectively
They had that act from Spice World memorized and they sang,
“So you wanna be in my gang, my gang my gang?”

In addition to the Spice Girls there were more, we must confess
That they also dressed up as the cast of Clueless
Anna and Allie always got to play Cher and Dionne
Because they convinced Katie that Amber was the cool one

And we guess now is the perfect time to apologize for that afternoon
When we told you your legs could be shaved with a spoon
We know it wasn’t nice but you have to admit
That you were much too young to really do it.

Oh, and there’s that other time for which we should apologize
And please know that to the three of you we really hated to lie,
But you guys wanted to learn so badly and were just so cute
So we told you that we used diet coke to play beruit

Well that ploy didn’t last long and before we knew it
It was no longer diet coke in those cups that the ping pong balls hit
Whether it was beruit, beer pong or the family favorite- -flip cup
You guys are always game and never give up

The vacations with each other have been so much fun
The ocean, the sand, shaved ice and sun
Whether you were on the beach, the bluff or shopping downtown
In York, Maine you’ve certainly gotten around

When you were younger you were content with the beach and the zoo
Long Sands and Yorks’ Wild Kingdom would certainly do
But as you got older you created more drama
With late night’s downtown at Short Sands and Fun O’Rama

And one February vacation you took your exploits to Hilton Head
Where the fun and craziness was certainly widespread
The long drive, hotel room and week together strengthened your cousinly bond
But only one of you mistakenly ended up in a pond
We do agree that it probably came out of nowhere
And how for that could you possible prepare?
But in the future we encourage you to grab someone’s hand
And follow the sidewalk home, on dry land

Before this poem comes to a close
There are some words of wisdom on you we’d like to impose
You see, we’ve already been here and done this
So this advice and caution please don’t dismiss

Never, ever walk home alone
Even if you’re only going down the road
Always tell a friend who you’re with and where you’ll be
And make sure that someone will get you home safely

When you’re at a bar or party keep your drink in your hand
And ditch the red solo cups for bottles and cans
And no matter how badly you’ve gotta go because of those drinks
It’s really not classy to go in the sink

You’re going to want pizza at the end of the night
But trust us when we say it’s a scary sight
To wake up the next morning next to an empty box
So keep it to one or two slices and save yourself the shock

Get to know your custodian and be friendly and nice
This could be the most important piece of advice
For it is from them that you’ll be getting garbage bags and vacuums
And someone to clean up all of that puke in the bathroom

And you see, college is really an amazing place
That has lots of amenities you should embrace
Like the library, career services, writing center and gym
Really, you’ll be way ahead of the rest of your class and you’ll stay slim!

It’s inevitable that you and your roommate won’t always see eye to eye
But stay calm and composed and think of July
When you’ll be back home with your family and friends
And wishing that you were at school again

Enjoy this summer and good luck at school
We know soon your individual campuses you’ll rule
Over the next four years you’ll be studying Communications, Nursing and Massage Therapy
But no matter what you may become to us you’ll always be,
Three little Danger Fatties.

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