Monday, May 04, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion

My friend D (the one you will all love and IS getting her own blog soon) called me after school today to mention that all of my recent talk of exercise and food makes me sound anorexic and unhealthy. In case you were wondering or concerned, I am neither. I AM however trying to lose some weight so I guess it's at the forefront of my mind. All of the time.

I wish I was one of those people who wouldn't mention anything about dieting or losing weight to anyone, make some changes, lose the weight, then show up at a family function or after the summer 4 sizes smaller and have everyone be like, "Oh my god! Oh my god! You're SOOOOOO skinny!" I? Am not that person. Everyone in my family and at work knows that Tuesday? Is weigh-in day. (Ohhh, remind me to tell you about a really rude coworker sometime...)

Disclaimer, done.

I have had quite a few days of really great accomplishments that I should be REALLY excited about, but for some reason it's just not sinking in. I love feeling really proud of myself (who doesn't) and like my hard work is paying off but I haven't felt that, starts-from-your-toes, call-everyone-you-know, excitement lately and I'd really like to.

Maybe if I type it here it will start to sink in...

Tuesday: was down 2.4lbs at WW

Saturday: I found out that I got a 100 on my final paper for my Child Development class which left me with a 103% average for the semester. (Woo!)

Sunday: I ran the 5k with a good time- - turns out I won for my age group and won a prize! (I still don't know what it is, or who to get it from but... DETAILS people, I'm not worried about the DETAILS!"

Monday: Received email notification that I scored a 272 on the NYS LAST test (a teacher certification test). You need a 220 to pass. I won't know the specifics until I get the results in the mail, but I passed! WOO!

All of these things are great. REALLY great. And I should be excited about them, but I'm just kind of ho-hum about the whole thing... whatever to ME!

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Blogger E said...

i'm a long time lurker, but this post made me have to leave a comment! you should be so proud of yourself! those are all such great achievements! i would LOVE to have your 5k time, BTW! :) i hope you do something fun to celebrate all of your recent successes! GO YOU!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Northern Girl Southern Living said...

congratulations on passing your teacher certification test! I'm taking the first of mine this summer and hoping that I pass the first time around!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's alot of good stuff! congrats. you should feel great!

11:19 PM  

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