Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Friday

I walked into the bar like I owned the place and was abruptly stopped by the bouncer. He wanted to see my ID. Apparently HE does not know who I am. I dug my id out of my purse, flipped it up to him, and walked over to the corner of the bar.
He had a Mic Ultra waiting. Of course he did.

We visited together, with his friends, and with the bartender. Jax went out to have a cigarette (yea, I know- - don’t say it) so there was an empty bar stool next to me and between me and Jax’s friends. A twenty-something guy approached me and asked if I wanted to play pool. I politely declined saying that I was terrible. And, let’s be honest- - I only play games that I know I’ll win. Trevor (that’s his name) sat down and introduced himself. We started visiting, he asked the basics, I asked the basics… he offered to buy me a drink but Jax had just refreshed me. I pointed to the bottle and pointed to Jax. He gave me a knowing look, but he still wasn’t deterred. Jax couldn’t have cared less about the intrusion. I really admire that. He was content to sit, visit with his friends, and let me visit with my newfound friend. His friends however, acted as though I had gotten in over my head and couldn’t float, let alone pull myself out of the pool.

They interrupted, “Hey! M! I talked to your MOM last night! I told her about OUR PLANS for SUNDAY.”

“Okay,” I responded, “thanks….”

Whenever they would get up to go to the bathroom they would walk by, put their arms around me, kiss my cheek, check in… they were totally establishing themselves as “around” and as annoying as it was, I kind of appreciate that too. As much drama as I may cause at the bar and as much as I sometimes don’t know WHAT I’m doing when I’m home and with all of these guys, I am usually surrounded by people who’ve got my back, who watch out for me, and who genuinely care. It’s one of the reasons I love Vermont.

The funny thing was, Trevor was totally not my type at all. He was a real Vermonter. With a flannel shirt, Birkenstocks, and a full beard. (Hey- - it’s hunting season, almost everyone does.) But I really enjoyed my conversation with him. He was intelligent, intellectual and funny. And? He was totally into me, which, I obviously loved. He told me that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. (However, in this town? In this bar? In VERMONT. My competition is not exactly stiff.) Genuine flattery? Will pretty much get you everywhere with me.

After we finished our drinks, Trevor went back to hang out with his friends and I turned to face Jax and his friends. It was almost last call and I was ready to head out anyway so Jax offered to walk me to my car. I was exhausted from the 6 hour drive home and very ready for bed but when Jax asked me to stop by his house on the way home for a drink, I couldn’t say no. I don’t know why- - if I wanted to spend more time with him, if I was feeling guilty about Trevor or if I just wasn’t quite ready for the night to end, but I said yes.

We walked up the wooden steps and into his kitchen. He told me to make myself at home in the living room while he poured our glasses of wine. I heard his footsteps coming down the hallway and swung my feet to the floor so there was room on the couch for him. I glanced up at him through the doorway and was surprised to see that he wasn’t carrying wine glasses. Instead? I saw this:

He isn’t going to see me on my birthday and wanted to make sure to celebrate when he saw me. This could be one of the sweetest things someone I WASN’T officially dating has done for me.

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Sorry Kimba! Pic's up now!

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gah so cute! he sounds like a keeper :)

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