Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wedding Etiquette

No...I'm not getting married. HA. I can barely keep a boyfriend and have so many non-husband- material boys in my tangled, tangled web there's not room for anyone else. BUT I am invited to two weddings this summer so, weddings are on the brain.

I know that everyone makes choices that are best for THEM on their wedding day and that is the way it should be. Believe me, when I do (finally) tie the knot I'm probably NOT going to take ol' Aunt Ida's personal preference into consideration. I get it- - your day, your decisions. Take it or leave it.

HOWEVER (you knew this was coming, right?!?!) , I just can't seem to shake this wedding issue that has presented itself recently and I wanted to get your opinion.

One of my best guy friends (P) is getting married this summer. Our other best friend is my friend S who I talk about here all the time (of Turkey Bowl fame). P & S have been best friends since kindergarten, I didn't come onto the scene until junior year of high school but since that day all three of us have been best friends. P and I were closer in college, but S and I are closest now and I would say that I am closer to each one of them than they are to each other.

When P started planning his wedding he asked S to be his best man. (via text message. I wish I was kidding.) I, honestly (crazily, I KNOW. I'm a freak.) kind of thought that I should be in the wedding too. I get it- - I'm not really friends with the bride, but I'm the BEST FRIEND. Sorry I'm a girl.

It's not going to work out. FINE.

Anyway. S and I were home for the weekend so we went to P and finance's for happy hour. As we were leaving P says to me, "Oh! Just so you know all 6 of you (my family) are invited to the wedding! But, numbers are a little tight so none of you got a +1." I didn't even have time to think about this and S says, "Oh! Did I get a +1??) and P responds, "Obviously. You're in the wedding party."


I don't know how to feel about this. I'd be fine if S didn't get a +1 either, then we would just be together the whole night and I love my parents and sisters so we'll have fun together regardless, but...I'm a little miffed by the whole thing. One of my sisters LIVES with her boyfriend and has for over a year. I understand that I'm the "real" friend so if he didn't want my family to get the +1's that's fine, but shouldn't I still get one? I'm 25 years old, live in my own apartment and LAST HE KNEW... I had had a boyfriend.

Am I crazy here?!?!?! I told S the only reasonable solution is to bring ME as his +1 and then I'll get to go to the rehearsal dinner and sit at the head table anyway. Seems great to me. (And I'm a GREAT date). I called his sister to get her advice and she agreed with me too. She said, as the best man, it's his responsibility to fix it. ;)

What do YOU think?!!??!?!?!



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