Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Weekend

was great! It was quiet and relaxing everything that my weekends haven't been in a really long time. Saturday night my friend invited me and my sisters over for dinner. My sisters had to babysit so they met us later and it was so fun. I've always been really bad at having "girlfriends" in real life (in my blogging life it's much easier) so I was nervous when I started hanging out with her because sometimes girls are just. too. much. She is super-great though and completely easygoing and we actually have a lot in common which keeps it interesting. And she doesn't seem to mind that my family is totally crazy and around all. of. the. time.

ANYWAY! She too, is a Jazzercise instructor at the center that I teach at so Saturday night we were just hanging out, eating, watching tv, visiting... when we started talking about YouTube. We showed her some of the funnier videos we've seen lately ("Charlie bit my finger' and "Monster gon' kick my a$$") when I divulged the secret that I know the entire "Crank That" (Soulja Boy) dance. (Really.) Well, being a dance major in college and a current Jazzercise instructor she didn't want to be left out. So... we spent the remainder of the night learning the dance and practicing it.

Yea, um, I've been out of middle school for 10 years but sometimes, it's fun to go back.

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Blogger Kate said...

How fun! I haven't made many "girlfriends" since we moved to a new state in August. It gets harder as you get older! If you aren't in school (or in my case - don't work away from home either!) it is hard to meet nice people sometimes!

8:08 PM  

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